About Xscape Tour

We are not your regular tour and travel agency, we offer you great escape in Indonesia even most domestic traveler won't find and believe it exist in Indonesia.

Never Get Lost

Within our tour and travel packages you will guarantee that you will never get lost as we have the most experience tour guides that not only master the destination areas, they also cater your unique desire about 'get lost' experience.

Timing is The Essence

Yes, it correct! But when you suddenly need an escape from daily routine. No need to wait and follow holiday season with highly crowded traveler. If you just only need a good quality holiday time, we can offer you the great experience. We are at your disposal!.

Contact Us 24/7

You can access our contacts, email or phone nearly 24 hours for 7 days, we will happy to create and cater your needs if you pick our best great escape packages or your own holiday inspirations and satisfaction.

Highly Customized Packages

With our highly customized tour and travel package, you decide whether you need to pack small or bigger luggage, we will match and offer you package with great price that beyond your expectation.

Just Enjoy!

  • By Plane
    With vast archipelago in Indonesia, we will make sure that your tour are well prepared and no delay to arranged schedule.
  • By Boat
    If by plane too mainstream and you are adventurous, you can ask us to customized the transportation by boat to destination.
  • Papers
    We'll do the paperwork for you. Just enjoying the trip, island to island or go deeper in the vast forest.
  • By Land
    From becak (pedicab), bike to private car, we cater all. We provide the best transport for you to enjoy the view experience.
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Xscape Tour and Travel Indonesia

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Telephone: +62 811 918 991

E-mail: vinanda.sanyoto@xscapetour.com